Mudd Queens!

So recently I met a lovely Mudd Queen at a casting for This Girl Can in Manchester.

I’d seen women at Tough Mudders wearing Mudd Queen stash but assumed they were part of a team, didn’t think anything of it. But the lovely MQ (Cindy) told me that it’s more of a community, a group where women who do OCRs – Tough Mudder among them – can talk about training, races and other things.

I got added to the group and I tell you, it’s been a blast getting to know more of the wonderful women in the OCR world, I’ve signed up to the Secret Santa, just bought some apparel (pics will be posted when it arrives) and I’m learning so much about the whole world of obstacle courses!

This isn’t a very exciting post, but it’s something I felt I should post, because God damn it – I’m a Mudd Queen and proud.

Muddy love,



Welcome to my muddy home!

Hi, I’m Charli!

I’ve started this blog to mainly give myself a better history of my general muddy escapades, be it Tough Mudder, other OCRs or just a normal weekend of rugby 🙂

I’m new to this whole blogging scene so if you’re reading this please be patient with me, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon enough!

Muddy love,