So What Exactly Have I Been Doing?

Yet again, Charli has forgotten to keep all the avid readers of this blog updated 😂😂

So in January I went to marshal at Tough Guy, think I might have posted about that?

In early March I went North Of The Border (aka to Scotland) to marshal at Mighty Deerstalker (Rat Race Events) and had a ruddy marvellous time, thanks mainly to Vicky (a lovely Scottish MQ) who looked after me! The weekend was marred slightly by the death of a racer on course, which was in no way related to anything RR Events did, in fact they were praised for their quick response and the fact they had so many expert medics on hand. Thoughts are with the family of the racer after this sad event.

The venue for the event was stunning, and at my position on the hill for the slide just by the finish line I had a fab view of the runners with their headlights going up and down the hills in the woods.

My reward/payment for marshalling was a goody bag full of awesome treats! I got 2 Rat Race wraggs, a bobble hat (v handy for Manchester weather, see pic below for a sneak peek haha), a RR Marshal hoody (v comfy for cold Manc evenings), a tshirt and best of all – a waterproof RR duffel bag which I used to take to Berlin a couple of weekends ago, and am taking to Spartan this weekend! 

Compared to TG, Mighty Deerstalker was much better organised, with more information being given to the marshals, my only issue is that as we were put straight onto camping duty we weren’t given our beer/bacon roll tickets despite being entitled to them, thankfully we blagged a free beer in the tent and got our food tickets just before we were served so no harm done.

The other slight issue was that people were up talking and making noise until gone 3am in the campsite which meant I didn’t get a lot of sleep, thankfully I wasn’t driving but I did have a long day of travelling ahead which would have been better with more sleep! Hey ho, I survived.

The weekend just gone I went and supported my lovely friend Mike in running the Greater Manchester Marathon, which has inspired me to apply for the 2018 London ballot, with Manchester as a solid back up plan – I need a goal to work towards to encourage me to get off my lazy fat ass haha.

As I mentioned previously, I’m off to South East Spartan Sprint this weekend to volunteer/marshal with Mike, it’s gonna be a long shift (6am-8pm 😱) but it’ll be totally worth it to see all the athletes smashing the obstacles and (of course) get some more free stash!

Aside from that not much is happening, hopefully I’ll get into the habit of regular updates now that the OCR season has started properly, but we all know what I’m like!

Hopefully someone is reading this haha, muddy hugs,

C x