Better Late Than Never!

Hi guys, 

Sorry I’ve been a tad quiet (most unlike me, I know) – it’s all been a tad manic in my life!

Just a brief update now, will endeavour to post more in the New Year.

Been for a couple of runs, just did 5.5km which is my longest run in quite some time, managed it in just over 30 min (second ever sub-30 5K, fastest one ever)

Met some lovely MQs today down south (I’m home for Xmas and since MQHQ is down here it just made sense!)

Not much else happening mud-/fitness-wise, I promise to be better at updating in future!

Muddy love,

C x


First run in the new gear!

Just ventured out for my first run in my new gear (and the first in a while I’ve actually managed to do haha)

3.2 miles, average pace 9:58/mile, 32 min – I’m super happy as I was only aiming to do 1.5 miles… first run I recorded in Strava as well, liking the app!

Super sweaty now but glad I went out and did it!

Sweaty muddy love,

C x