…yet more muddy apparel…

Last night I had a moment of madness/sanity/foolishness and bought some MORE running/OCR gear…

This time it was from Scimitar and there was 20% off for Black Friday so really I can’t be blamed for pain-stakingly entering my bank details after they fell into my shopping surely? 😉

I’m super excited for them to arrive, they will motivate me to get out and run more in training for the 8-10 TMs I’m aiming to run in 2017!

(For anyone who doesn’t know me – I’m well known at Tough Mudder for being a little bit loud at times, plus the fact that I never shut up unless I’m sleeping or eating means that the Little Miss Chatterbox top is perfect for me haha, and I’m a cheeky wee bugger – hence the Little Miss Naughty leggings!)

I will of course upload some photos when this order and my UKMQ apparel arrives later this week!

Muddy love

Charli x

Ps – MVP shifts open tonight, keep your fingers crossed for me that I get the ones I want!


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