I got some post!

My UKMQ gear and Scimitar gear arrived this week! Been wearing my wrag to and from work and at training – keeps my ears toasty warm and looks freaking awesome 😀 still waiting to see another Queen out in ‘the wild’ though!

Took some gratuitous photo of me posing in my new Little Miss gear as well – I think I might be in love with the leggings, so comfy and decent quality, plus I look freaking hot (if I do say so myself).

Looking forward to taking the gear out on their maiden run (likely to be tomorrow, and the wrag is basically going to stay on my head until the spring…)

Aside from that, not much news in the land of Charli…hope everyone is keeping warm and happy in the run up to Christmas!

Muddy love,

C x


…yet more muddy apparel…

Last night I had a moment of madness/sanity/foolishness and bought some MORE running/OCR gear…

This time it was from Scimitar and there was 20% off for Black Friday so really I can’t be blamed for pain-stakingly entering my bank details after they fell into my shopping surely? 😉

I’m super excited for them to arrive, they will motivate me to get out and run more in training for the 8-10 TMs I’m aiming to run in 2017!

(For anyone who doesn’t know me – I’m well known at Tough Mudder for being a little bit loud at times, plus the fact that I never shut up unless I’m sleeping or eating means that the Little Miss Chatterbox top is perfect for me haha, and I’m a cheeky wee bugger – hence the Little Miss Naughty leggings!)

I will of course upload some photos when this order and my UKMQ apparel arrives later this week!

Muddy love

Charli x

Ps – MVP shifts open tonight, keep your fingers crossed for me that I get the ones I want!

Some muddy pic spam!

Because who doesn’t love seeing overweight women covered in mud!

These were from my second full TM event back in September, the eagle eyed viewer will see that I am carrying a balloon – yes, I ran a Tough Mudder on my 24th birthday because how else would I spend it?

I pull such attractive faces whilst gallivanting around in mud haha…

Muddy love,

Charli x

Mudd Queens!

So recently I met a lovely Mudd Queen at a casting for This Girl Can in Manchester.

I’d seen women at Tough Mudders wearing Mudd Queen stash but assumed they were part of a team, didn’t think anything of it. But the lovely MQ (Cindy) told me that it’s more of a community, a group where women who do OCRs – Tough Mudder among them – can talk about training, races and other things.

I got added to the group and I tell you, it’s been a blast getting to know more of the wonderful women in the OCR world, I’ve signed up to the Secret Santa, just bought some apparel (pics will be posted when it arrives) and I’m learning so much about the whole world of obstacle courses!

This isn’t a very exciting post, but it’s something I felt I should post, because God damn it – I’m a Mudd Queen and proud.

Muddy love,